What We Offer

Whether a company is healthy or distressed, there are alternative strategies through which owners can create liquidity, stability or growth. These include: sales of assets or stock, diversification and expansion through strategic company or product line acquisitions, JVs, and alliances of various kinds. Teton International Advisors are skilled in each of these arenas and is able to guide our clients to select and realize the best approach for them. .

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Creative Structuring

We are adept and creative advisors on the sale process and are usually able to identify compelling deal structures and potential suitors and position the company in ways that do not occur to others.

Development & Support

Our seasoned operations teams will analyze and negotiate the best debt and/or equity financing that fits the deal and will see the transaction to completion, and provide ongoing management support through the transition.

Business Growth

Businesses looking to grow can often choose from several alternatives to achieve that growth. Our Professionals can help a client select the best alternative and help structure the transaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For many companies, the best way to grow or to move the business forward is to acquire a competitor, an add-on, all or part of a complementary business or a product line. Our professionals offer the experience and skills to assist our clients in determining the right path to follow.

Regulation A+

Navigating the waters of the new Regulation A+ laws can be treacherous without knowledgeable expertise guiding the way. Our professionals provide extensive experience within this new arena and have a network of support to guide you along the way.

Executive Management Support

Teton International Advisors offers executive management support to completely back a project and the team that is implementing it. This may include: coaching the team, removing obstacles, championing the project, and doing everything possible to ensure successful results.